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Injection Moulding

Our experience in moulding engineering thermoplastics is well recognised. Choosing the right type of plastic for the injection moulding job is often critical and we are confident of the quality of our advice, because it is based on knowledge we have gained through many years in the industry.

We mould plastic parts and components for many well-known products in many sectors of the South African industry : Electrical, Lighting, Swimming Pool, Water Filtration, Hospitality, Furniture, Building, Electronic, Automotive, Housewares, Scientific, Closures, and consumable products are just some of the industries we supply.

Our machines range in size from 80 tonnes to 1200 tonnes. We can mould items (see below) weighing over 7 kg (7000 grams).

Africa Plastics is involved in international projects such as rigid packaging and automotive.
With regards to the labour base in South Africa we offer competitve manufacturing rates to our overseas / export market.
Both locally and abroad, we deal with blue chip companies.

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